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More Reader Commentary

Edited by Thursday Review staff | published Saturday, November 2, 2013 |

Here are some recent reader comments from our Word Press blog, from recent emails, and from various social media sources:

Pink Ribbons Everywhere/Breast Cancer Awareness:

A reader at Gmail: Well-written look at why women should be vigilant about their health, for too many woman die early in life from this form of cancer.

Becky in Austin, TX: Wonderful and informative article. I will pass this link along to my [Facebook] friends.

A reader at Hotmail: Good explanation of the different forms of breast cancer and the factors that all women should understand.

What Are Those Teenagers Doing With Those Phones?

Barbara Hookings, Memphis, TN: Very impressive publication, as well as your articles.

Marian Moore, Jacksonville Beach, FL: I think it’s remarkable what teens have to deal with every day. It’s just astounding to think about, all the things [the older generation] didn’t have, and have no idea about. How do they find the time?

Brian at Yahoo: At last, a reliable source explains at least a little of what goes on with those phones and devices in the hands of teens.

Immigration and the Human Dimension:

A web reader in China writes: I have been surfing/browsing the internet for a couple of years, sometimes 2 to 3 hours a day, but I was surprised when I came across your site…never found any articles as interesting or diverse as these. If other blog and website managers created content as good as yours, the internet would be a greatly improved place. Shame on Google for not positioning your news and content higher on their list! [Also], I’ll watch out for Brussels sprouts! (Submitted to us in both the author’s words and using a translation tool)

Coleman Langer in the U.K.: Your writing style, that of your various authors, is wonderful compared to other websites and blogs. You should post more often, daily if possible. I’ll bookmark your site and return for more.

Reynaldo Harris, Arizona: Your ability to clarify this issue without the stereotypes and hype is in fact impressive, especially for a GOP-leaning website. I have shared this with friends and family.

David Norwood: Nicely balanced. I was exploring articles at Yahoo about Jeb Bush when I came across your “online magazine,” and I have to say I am impressed with the quality of the posts.

Jack the Ripper/A Letter From Hell, Parts One & Two

Stephen at Gmail: Nice Halloween article. This was a fascinating look back at a famously unsolved case—from books, TV and movies I assumed that the serial killer was a member of the elite or upper class. Never thought it through that such a person would have been unlikely to stroll unnoticed into such a rough neighborhood.

The Delight of Music: A Look Back at Quincy Jones:

Garth Benthin: Wonderful article. I’ve seen a lot of websites, but yours is nicely balanced with a little bit of everything that readers enjoy—and that is something special.

Ken Atomi: Fantastic site. Plenty of fun content here! I am sending this to a few online pals.

Lena Holloman in Europe: I blog frequently and must say this that is a highly professional website in appearance and design. This article caught my eye while I was searching for information about Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson. Wonderful work for an independent website.

Keep Those Lighters Aloft: Lynyrd Skynrd:

Tom Easley: I simply want to remark that your article is astounding. Learned a lot I did not know about this band and this era. With your permission I am passing this along to friends and family, and will be back for more.

A reader at Yahoo: This brings back plenty of memories of this great band, and a lament for the musical talent lost in that accident.

Michael M in Australia: You write very well. And fine content for a web magazine which does not appear to have any advertisers or sponsors.

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