Miranda of the Luminous Eyes cover

Miranda of the Luminous Eyes; Wesley Cecil

Book review by Kristy Webster | published Tuesday, August 27, 2013 |
Thursday Review Contributing Writer

Miranda of the Luminous Eyes is a beautiful tale that harnesses light and compassion and is refreshingly optimistic and deliciously whimsical. Miranda is an exceptional child whose relationship to nature and her environment touches the lives of everyone around her. While her parents and brother are wholly accepting of Miranda's uniqueness, others, such as schoolteachers and authority figures struggle to understand her. That is until they themselves discover their own true nature and often their own path to happiness and fulfillment while staring deeply into Miranda's luminous eyes.

In a time when adolescents and adults spend a disconcerting amount of their lives glued to a computer screen, a television or an iphone, Miranda serves as a reminder that the natural world is not only magical, but necessary to the enrichment of our lives as well as to our personal and spiritual growth. I recommend this book to young and old alike and especially for those who need a reminder to stop and smell the roses and remember the earth.