What to Read, This Week

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What to Read, This Week
| Published Sunday, April 6, 2014 |

By Thursday Review staff

One of Thursday Review’s unofficial missions has been to support the efforts of literary magazines, college journals and independent publishing. Several of our writers and contributors are authors and writers whose work has appeared in a variety of venues beyond our website and online publications.

There are hundreds of great literary magazines out there, but The Gettysburg Review is one of the publications we stumbled upon (like Pacifica Review, Agni, the durable Prairie Schooner and the century old Poetry) which give us instant joy each quarter when it shows up in our mailbox.

The Spring 2014 edition of Gettysburg Review is a particularly rich treat. Among its highlights: poetry by Richard Lyons, Alice Friman and Katharine Jagar; essays by Aviya Kushner, Dorothy Barresi, Matthew Ferrence and Tanya Bomsta; and Fiction by Norma Marder, Edward McPherson and Catherine Rogers.

The latest issue also contains art by Jeff Gola, gorgeous winter landscapes painted in the style of near-photo realism—visually exacting to an almost photographically crystalline degree while retaining a painterly touch of softness and texture. Gola has also included a brief essay on his artistic development and his technical methods.

If your bookstore does not carry Gettysburg Review (some do, some don’t), you can find it online at www.gettysburgreview.com. Its standard subscription price is $28 per year, which—at $7 per issue—makes it well worth the modest cost.

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