Doughnuts and Coffee

Krispy Kreme coffee & donut

Doughnuts and Coffee
| Published February 20, 2014 |

By Thursday Review staff


For some people we know here at Thursday Review, these are the two best flavors and aromas they can imagine: Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee.

Now, Krispy Kreme has made the apparently complex challenge of consuming both flavors truly hassle-free. How? Well, by introducing a coffee-flavored doughnut. Actually, two joe-enhanced goodies.

Krispy Kreme is experimenting for a short time with a new treat called the Mocha Kreme, which combines the two familiar flavors just as the name indicates. The iconic doughnut maker is also testing the market with a Caramel Coffee Kreme, a doughnut with a likewise irresistible combination of morning flavors.

So now you can load up on one of the world’s most famous combinations of sugar, fat and carbs while at the same time tanking up on caffeine. Well, not exactly. To get that coffee boost you still have to order actual coffee. Or you can choose to go decaf.

And for those Thursday Review readers who are health conscious enough to count calories, the doughnut maker’s website indicates that the Caramel Coffee Kreme doughnut—the one we have pictured here with the coffee flavored icing and the mocha drizzle—contains 330 calories per serving.