Kristy Webster

The Bee Trap

Some girls have eyes like invitations,

and some girls wear glasses and scarves,
walk with a whistle in their mouth,

Some girls leave the window cracked
open, they need more air always
more than the breeze will bring
and some people know this and
force their way through the last
space on her green earth guzzling
her oxygen so that she will have to
fight for the right to breathe the rest
of her life,

Some girls are bedbugs, people say
they'll feed on you while you sleep,
some people say, Use soap and hot water,
others, Try an exorcist,

Some girls are tattoos on our veins,
Pain-sticks on heels,

Some girls are Holy Water in April
and trademarks by June,
Some girls are Hunger
and some people will say,
Let them eat cake.

Some girls are women, round and cool,
some people say they
should have stayed girls,
clay and water, pink and wishing,

Some girls that are women cook feasts
for girls who aren't women yet, and some
girls will chew on their napkin and
break their teeth on bones,
Some girls becoming women will watch
and some people will ask how she does it,
how she contains the messy spills of her sex,

Some of those girls will scream inside
and pull out the drawers,
throw plates, show them
how messy it can get,
But most girls will smile,
and most people will say,
Those girls are the best,
the best girl to be.

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