WordPress is Ten Years Old

By R. Alan Clanton
Thursday Review Editor

The blog and online press organization WordPress.org is celebrating their 10th Anniversary at the end of May, and the group is inviting their followers and fellow online publishers to celebrate in small or large groups wherever they might by on the weekend of May 27. Gatherings which exceed 50 or more invitations are eligible to receive imprinted swag—bumper stickers, buttons and the like—and Word Press is encouraging revelers to share their photos and videos online to demonstrate solidarity with independent online posting and interconnection. They are also selling handsome silver and grey t-shirts, the traditional colors--they point out--of tenth anniversaries.  WordPress, which is a part of the Open Source Initiative, was created ten years ago as a tool to make online publishing and forum management—along with design and typography—approachable, available and easy-to-use. The organization quickly grew on the tidal wave of interconnectivity to include millions of users worldwide, including the folks here at Thursday Review where it has been used frequently to post alternate or additional TR content such as retrospective film reviews and political reporting and analysis.

A word to those considering creating their own blog site or online presence: WordPress offers great tools at no cost, including crisply designed templates and design elements, along with periodic updates on new tools and plug-ins available to web designers and individual bloggers.  To find out more, go to www.wordpress.org.